Department of Psychology

Experimental and Biological Psychology

University of Potsdam

Recent Publications

  1. Cajar A, Laubrock J, Engbert R (2016). Spatial frequency processing in the central and peripheral visual field during scene viewing. Vision Research, 127, 186-197.

  2. Cajar A, Schneeweiß P, Engbert R, Laubrock J (2016). Coupling of attention and saccades when viewing scene with central and peripheral degradation. Journal of Vision, 16(2), 8: 1-19.

  3. Nuthmann A, Vitu F, Engbert R, Kliegl R (2016). No evidence for a saccadic range effect for visually guided and memory-guided saccades in simple saccade-targeting tasks. PLoS ONE, 11(9), e0162449: 1-27.

  4. Ohl S, Wohltat C, Kliegl R, Pollatos O, Engbert R (2016). Microsaccades are coupled to heartbeat. The Journal of Neuroscience, 36(4), 1237-1241.

  5. Rothkegel LOM, Trukenbrod HA, Schütt HH, Wichmann FA,  Engbert R (2016). Influence of initial fixation position in scene viewing. Vision Research, 129, 33-49.

  6. Sinn P, Engbert R (2016). Small saccades and microsaccades: Experimental distinction and model-based unification. Vision Research, 118, 132-143.

  7. Engbert R, Trukenbrod HA, Barthelmé S, Wichmann FA (2015). Spatial statistics and attentional dynamics in scene viewing. Journal of Vision, 15(1), 14: 1-17.

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